Plenary programme (as of May 21)

contributed oral papers destined for parallel sessions have been integrated into the plenary programme

Day   session chairman title confirmed speakers
Monday: 9h00   Final registration, welcome, etc.
10h15   Pause poster-café  
11h00 H. Letreut What do we understand about couplings in the climate system Jean-Claude Duplessy (LSCE, France)
11h45 Can we detect and attribute climate change? David Frame (Univ. Oxford, UK)
12h30   déjeuner
14h00 I. James When are connections between solar variability and climate important? Drew Schindell (NASA-Goddard, USA)
  14h40 Can solar forcing explain the dramatice regional signatures of past interglacial climates? Bette L. Otto-Bliesner (NCAR, USA)
  15h20 Climate change on Mars François Forget (LMD, France)
16h00 Pause poster-café
16h45 What can Titan teach us about the very early Earth ? Athena Coustenis (Meudon, France)
  17h30   Guided visit of the Blois Chlâteau  
Tuesday 9h00 M.-L. Chanin Can we constrain cloud-radiative feedbacks produced by climate models ? Sandrine Bony-Lena (LMD, France)
  9h30 Modes of climate change, relevant sensitivities and their estimation Richard Lindzen (MIT, USA)
10h00 Environmental monitoring from space Allan. O'Neill (Reading University, UK)
10h30 Pause poster-café
11h00 Are regional scales meaningful ? Serge Planton (Météo-France)
11h30 What is the role of the stratosphere ? Mark Baldwin (North West Research Assn., USA)
  12h00 Contribution

of stratospheric cooling to satellite-inferred tropospheric temperature


Stephen Warren (University of Washington, USA)
12h30   déjeuner
14h00 J.-C. Duplessy The Indian Ocean and the monsoon G.Reverdin (LODyC, France)
  14h45 In what respects is the 21st century different from the early 20th ? Hervé Letreut (France)

  15h15 Global and hemispheric effects of solar activity variability in interannual air surface temperatures: results of a non-linear spectral analysis of the data and a possible physical mechanism T. Kuznetsova (IZMIRAN, Russia)
  15h35 Co-existence of chaos and order in the weather and

climate dynamics: perspectives for the long-term weather and climate prediction

D. Sonechkin (Hydrometeorological Centre, Russia)
16h00   Pause poster-café
16h45 P. Valdes Abrupt climatic changes – a review Michael Sarnthein (Kiel University, Germany)
17h15 Climatic change during the last millenium Paul. Jones (UEA, UK)
  17h45 Is our interglacial going to be exceptionally long? Marie-France Loutre (Louvain University, Belgium)
Wednesday 9h00 J. Jouzel What is the climatic future of the Arctic ? Ola Johannessen (NRC, Norway)
  9h30 Enhanced north atlantic heat transport, late pliocene build-up of greenland ice sheet, and the final closure of panama

G. Bartolli (Kiel University, Germany)
  9h50 Sub-saharan african perspective of climatic changes K. Madu (Environmental Watch, Nigeria)
  10h10 Medieval and current warming in the north - eastern eurasia inferred from millennia tree-ring chronologies O. Sidorova (RAS, Russia)
10h30 Pause poster-café
11h15 Snowball Earth - a viable idea ? Dan Schrag (Harvard University, USA)
  12h00   déjeuner  
  14h00   Departure for the excursions to Clos Lucé and the Château de Chenonceau  
Thursday 9h00 G. Sommeria Clouds, cloud physics and cloud-radiation interactions: New data and models" Richard Somerville (UCSD, USA)
  9h45 New frontiers in water vapor feedback R.Pierrehumbert (University of Chicago, USA)
10h30 Pause poster-café
11h15 Unknown aspects of the effects of methane Jerome Chappellaz (Grenoble University, France)
  11h45 Survey of atmospheric and cirrus properties using longterm satellite datasets Claudia Stubenrauch (LMD, France)
12h30   déjeuner
1400   Uncertainties in the carbon cycle F.Joos (University of Bern, Switzerland)
14h30 Aerosols - a 20th century problem or a problem for the future? O.Boucher (LOA, Lille, France)
15h00 Is vegetation a significant factor for climatic evolution ? Sandy Harrison (MPI, Jena, Germany)
  15h30 Contribution of the mesoscale eddy dynamics to the thermohaline circulation Arctic Ocean large scale variability J.-C. Gascard (LODYC, France)
  16h00 Pause poster-café  
  16h15 Interaction of climate and microbes: Creating a base to assess global warming at the biological level H.-G. Hoppe (Kiel, Germany)
  16h45   End of afternoon session
  20h00 å Cocktails, followed by the the Dîner de Gala at the Blois Château  
Friday 9h00   How can climate models be evaluated? B. MacAvaney (BRMC, Melbourne, Australia)
9h45 Climate change research with the Earth Simulator Project Taroh Matsuno (Frontier Research Systems for Global Change, Japan)
10h30   Pause poster-café
10h45 S. Planton I To what extent features of microclimate can be

simulated in the framework of the GCM

A. Kislov (Moscow State University, Russia)
11h30 The coupling of the carbon and vegetable cycles to climate - friend or foe ? P.Friedlingstein (LSCE, France)
12h15   déjeuner
14h00   The risk of ocean circulation changes S.Rahmstorf (PIK Potsdam, Germany)
  14h30 Is a Shutdown of the thermohaline circulation reversible or irreversible? Jianjun Yin, Michael E. Schlesinger, Natasha G. Andronova, S. Malyshev and B. Li
  15h00 Are sea levels a major problem for the future? A.Cazenave (LEGOS, Toulouse, France)
16h00   Last coffee break; end of conference; bus departures for station at 16h30 and 18h15

Contributed poster papers: these papers will be available for study thoughout the entire conference

A. Bozec: Impact of the spatial resolution of the atmospheric forcing on deep water

formation in the Mediterranean sea

F. Codron: Annular modes of variability in different climate states

M. Crucifix: Pre-industrial-potential and Last Glacial Maximum global vegetation with a coupled climate-biosphere model : effects of climate and CO2

W. Godlowski: Living on the Universe with global rotation

T. Huck: Natural modes of climate variability associated with the ocean thermohaline circulation.

E. Ivanova: Glacial to interglacial paleoceanographic variations in the tropical Indo-Pacific

N. Ivashchenko: Is a next cooling stage in the current climate change just started?

I. James: Seeding of storm tracks by Rossby wave radiation: theory and implications for climate sensitivity

A. Knorre: Evaluation of annual productivity in the most sensitive forest ecosystems using annual layer structures of plants

T. Kuznetsova: Rapid changes of oscillation regimes in climate

cycles, astronomical forcing of global change in geophysical systems and its


T. Kuznetsova: Interdependence of oscillations of astronomical origin in

spectra of global air surface temperature and angular velocity of the

Earth's rotation

Y. Li: Variation of summer temperature on the east side of Tibetan Plateau and its probable causes

Y. Li: A study of the coupling relation between east Asia winter monsoon and ENSO cycle

R. Manasrah: Seasonal variation of seawater temperature and salinity during the years 1997-2003 in the northern Gulf of Aqaba

I. Mares: Signal-to-noise ratio in the climate change detection

I. Nowik: Seismo-hydro-electromagnetic interaction processes in the lithosphere-hydrosphere-atmosphere system

I. Nowik: Electromagnetic signals of seismic activation of the ocean lithopshere and tsunami

C. Pfrang (author in attendance), D.E. Shallcross, C.E. Canosa-Mas, R.P. Wayne Modelling the importance of stress-induced plant emissions for atmospheric chemistry: does the release of oxygenated VOCs influence ozone concentrations in alpine locations following leaf freezing events in winter?

G. Radel: High clouds structure and cirrus microphysics from global satellite observations

S. Ragasakthi: Climate Science Education in India

S. Rousan: Invasion of anthropogenic CO2 recorded in stable isotopes of planktonic foraminifera from the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

J. Russel: Weaker Winds over the Southern Ocean caused Lower Glacial Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

A. Schimmelmann: A 6,500-year record of severe floods from Santa Barbara Basin, California

O. Troshichev: Effects of Solar UV Irradiation on Dynamics of Ozone Hole in Antarctica

O. Troshichev: Influence of solar UV irradiance on quasi-biennial oscillations in the Earth's atmosphere

S. Warren: Ocean surfaces on Snowball Earth