Monday May 16

10:30 - 12:30

Elastic and Diffractive Scattering and Spectroscopy

Moderator: Basarab NICOLESCU

14:00 - 15:30
Forward Physics as Related to Cosmic Rays

Moderator: Per GRAFSTROM

Pierre BILLOIR, The Auger Observatory and Forward Physics
Katsaki KASAHARA, The Current Status and Prospect of the TA Project
Yasushi MURAKI, The Measurement off Forward Particle Production at LHC. Comparison with Cosmic Ray Physics
Jean-NoŽl CAPDEVIELLE, Hadronic Cosmic Ray Interactions near the LHC Energy Region and in the Domain of Giant EAS
16:00 - 17:50
Polarization, Spectroscopy, Diffraction and Black Holes

Moderator: Jorge VELASCO

Christophe ROYON, High Mass Diffraction at the LHC
Andrzej SANDACZ, Results from PP2PP Experiment at RHIC
Alan D. KRISCH, Violent Collisions of Spinning Protons : Past, Present, and Future
Jean-Marc RICHARD, Exotic Hadrons
Greg LANDSBERG, Black Holes at Future Colliders and Beyond

Tuesday May 17

09:00 - 11:00

Non-Perturbative Approaches to High-Energy Scattering (1)

Moderator: Munir ISLAM

11:30 - 13:00
Non-Perturbative Approaches to High-Energy Scattering (2)

Moderator: Raju VENUGOPALAN

Alexander DONNACHIE, A Comprehensive Approach to Structure Functions
Otto NACHTMANN, Effective Field Theory for Structure Functions at Small Bjorken x
Andre UTERMANN, Instanton Effects in High Energy Scattering
14:30 - 16:40
Spectroscopy and Diffraction (1) - Shadowing, Anti-Shadowing,
Color Transparency and Higgs Production

Moderator: Alphonse CAPELLA

Stanley BRODSKY, Novel Aspects of Hard Diffraction
Danny ASHERY, Measurements of Light-Cone Wave Functions and Color Transparency by Diffractive Dijets
Christina MESROPIAN, New Diffraction Results from CDF
Jacques SOFFER, A New Search Strategy for the Higgs Boson
Robert PESCHANSKI, Diffractive Production of the Higgs Boson
Jose PELAEZ, On the Nature of the Light Scalar Nonet from Unitarized Chiral Perturbation Theory and Large Nc
17:10 - 19:10

Moderator: Michael RIJSSENBEEK

Cynthia HADJIDAKIS, Exclusive Processes at HERMES
Alessia BRUNI, Vector Meson Production at HERA
Laurent FAVART, DVCS and Prompt Photon Production at HERA
Sebastian WHITE, Recent Results on Inelastic Diffraction at RHIC
Valery LYUBOSHITZ, The Nucleon Charge Transfer Reaction np-pn at Zero Angle and the Role of Spin Effects
Andrzej MALECKI, Elastic and Inclusive Inelastic Diffraction of High Energy Hadrons
17:10 - 19:10

Moderator: Greg LANDSBERG

Lech SZYMANOWSKI, Production of Exotic Hybrid Mesons
Oleg L. TERYAEV, Analytic Properties of Hard Exclusive Amplitudes
Alan MARTIN, Analysis of Diffractive Deep Inelastic Data
Samuel WALLON, Signature of the Perturbative Pomeron in Hard Diffractive Exclusive Vector Meson Production at Future Linear Colliders
Rikard ENGBERG, Travelling Waves, Saturation and Dipole Size Fluctuations
J. R. PELAEZ, Extending Forward Scattering Regge Theory to Intermediate Energies

14:00 - 16:10

New Results in QCD (1)

Moderator: Jochen BARTELS

Ian BALITSKY, Scattering of Shock Waves in QCD
Victor FADIN, The Gluon Reggeization in Perturbative QCD at NLO
Lev LIPATOV, Effective Action Approach for High-Energy Scattering in QCD
Mark STRIKMAN, Dynamic of Small Impact Parameter pp Collisions at Collider Energies
Harvey B. MEYER, Glueball Regge Trajectories and the Pomeron - A Lattice Study
Peter KROLL, Vector Meson Electroproduction at Small Bjorken x and Generalized Parton Distributions
16:40 - 19:10
New Results in QCD (2)
and the Color Glass Condensate Approach (1)

Moderator: Oleg TERYAEV

Henri KOWALSKI, Small-x and Diffractive Physics at HERA
Raju VENUGOPALAN, The Color Glass Condensate: an Effective Theory for High Energy QCD
Edmond IANCU, High-Energy QCD and Statistical Physics
Kazunori ITAKURA, Perturbative Odderon in the Color Glass Condensate
Hector DE VEGA, QCD Pomerons at Non-Zero Temperature
Jochen BARTELS, Diffraction and AGK Cutting Rules in pQCD

Thursday May 19

09:00 - 11:00


Moderator: Alan WHITE

09:00 - 11:00

Moderator: Herbert FRIED

Petros ASLANYAN, Exotic Strange Multi-Quark Narrow Resonance Searches in pA Collisions at 10 GeV/c
Dieter SCHILDKNECHT, Low-x, Saturation, Vector Meson
Genis MUSULMANBEKOV, Nuclear Modification of the Structure of Bound Nucleons: EMC-Effect and Color Transparency Breaking
Gregory SOYEZ, Geometrical Scaling at Nonzero Momentum Transfer
Nikolai ZOTOV, Higgs Production via Gluon Fusion with kT Factorization
Cyrille MARQUET, Unitarity and Saturation in Large-Mass Diffraction at HERA
11:30 - 13:00
pp Elastic Scattering, Hard Diffraction
and Color Glass Condensate Approach (2)

Moderator: Jean-Renť CUDELL

Gunar INGELMAN, Hard Diffraction - from Blois 1985 to 2005
Munir ISLAM, pp Elastic Scattering in Near Forward Direction and Nucleon Structure
Beatriz GAY DUCATI, Searching the Color Glass Condensate Through pT Suppression
Elena FERREIRO, Color Strings, Pomerons and CGC
14:30 - 16:40
Various Aspects of QCD, Polarization,
Diffractive Higgs Production and Nuclear Shadowing

Moderator: Tai Tsun WU

Michael G. ALBROW, QCD and Hard Diffraction at LHC
Alessandro BRAVAR, Spin Dependence in Polarized pp-pp and pC-pC Elastic Scattering in the CNI region from RHIC
Peter LANDSHOFF, Does the Hard Pomeron Factorize?
Alexei KAIDALOV, Nuclear Shadowing and Diffractive Processes
Alan MARTIN, Diffractive Higgs Production and Related Processes
Chung-I TAN, BFKL Gauge/String Duality and High Energy Scattering
17:10 - 19:10

Moderator: Peter LANDSHOFF

James RUSS, Double Charm Baryons in SELEX: Further Studies and Production Questions
Jean-Rene CUDELL, The Hard Pomeron Contribution to Hadronic Scattering
Evgenij MARTYNOV, Elastic Meson-Nucleon and Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering: the Models vs. All Available Data
Oleg SELYUGIN, A New Method for the Determination of the Real Part of the Hadron Elastic Amplitude at Small Angles and High Energies
Alexander DONNACHIE, Evidence for Quark Spin-Flip in Pomeron Exchange
Vojtech KUNDRAT, Coulomb and Hadronic Scattering in Elastic High-Energy Nucleon Collisions
17:10 - 19:10

Moderator: Ian BALITSKY

Rainer SCHICKER, The ALICE Detector at LHC
Alan WHITE, Sextet Quarks and the Pomeron at the LHC
Herbert FRIED, Quantum Tachyon Dynamics
Jacek WOSIEK, Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Quantum Mechanics in Various Dimensions
Firooz ARASH, Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Dressing in QCD and the Polarized and Unpolarized Hadron Structure
Mohammad FASSIHI, Confined Quantum Field Theory

Friday May 20

09:00 - 10:30

Diffraction (2) - Tevatron and HERA

Moderator: Kerstin BORRAS

11:00 - 12:00
Various Aspects of the Standard Model
Neutrino DIS, Quark-Gluon Plasma, Heavy-Ion Collisions

Moderator: Maurice HAGUENAUER

Ivan SCHMIDT, Shadowing and Antishadowing in Neutrino Deep Inelastic Scattering
Cheuk-Yin WONG, Heavy Quarkonia in Quark-Gluon Plasma
Carlos A. SALGADO, Medium-Modified Jet Shapes in Heavy-Ion Collisions
13:00 - 14:30
Summary Talks

Moderator: Jean TRANH TAN VAN

Michael RIJSSENBEEK, Summary Talk - Experiment
Stanley BRODSKY, Summary Talk - Theory