XVIIIth Rencontres de Blois

Planetary Science: challenges and discoveries

Blois, France, May 28th - June 2nd 2006

Conference Registration And Hotel Reservation Form

deadline April 15th, 2006

if you cancel a hotel reservation, please do so as soon as possible, and in any case before April 22, 2006, otherwise the hotels will retain the deposit that the conference will have paid in your place.

Please make sure that your name, the address of your institute and your email are given correctly on this form; this information will appear in the proceedings, and we must have a reliable way of conctacting you. Please enter both emails as requested on the form (current and one up to date of conference, even if identical; you will get an error message if one of them is left blank!).

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38 euros

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Single room:

104 euro

Shared double room:

24 euros per person

Shared double room:

24 to 35 euros per person

Shared double room:

66.5 euros per person


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I will leave on at approximately

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Please do not wait until the last minute to reserve accommodation; at this time of the year, Blois can be very crowded!

If for some reason on line registration does not work in your case, you may print and fill in this form manually, and send it to:


Rencontres de Blois
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email: Elizabeth.Hautefeuille@th.u-psud.fr

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