IVth Rencontres du Vietnam

"Physics at Extreme Energies " - Physics and Astrophysics

Hanoi, Vietnam - July 19-25, 2000
Web site: http://www-lpnhep.in2p3.fr/vietnam2000

Bulletin Nr 1

Two Rencontres du Vietnam, devoted to Particle Physics and Astrophysics were held in Vietnam; the first one in December 1993 and the second one in October 1995. The third Rencontres du Vietnam, devoted to Condensed Matter Physics was held in Hanoi in January 1999.

The aim of the Rencontres has been to extend the succesful international collaboration of Europe, Russia, Japan and the United States in these fast moving fields to the emerging Pacific rim countries.

The number of countries represented and the presence of top quality scientists demonstrated the importance which the international community places on scientific relations with Vietnam. It was suggested that a conference on particle physics be organized in 2000.

I. Place and dates

The fourth Rencontres du Vietnam, devoted to Physics at Extreme Energies will be held in Hanoi from Wednesday July 19 to Tuesday July 25, 2000. Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, has many universities and research institutes in physics.

II. Purpose of the conference

The conference will be devoted to fundamental and current topics of particle physics and astrophysics from the experimental and theoretical points of view. The aim of the conference is to develop the relationship between Vietnamese physicists and their colleagues all around the world, in particular from South-East Asia and the Western countries.

III. Program

The program will cover the following topics:
- Electroweak Interactions : Precision Tests; The quark mass matrix and tests of CP, T, CPT Violation, Baryogenesis
- Strong interactions : Heavy Flavours, Jets, Low x physics, Color Superconductivity
- Higgs Physics: the search for the Higgs boson or other manifestations of electroweak symmetry breaking.
- Ideas for new physics : Supersymmetry, Strings and Interactions in extra dimensions
- Neutrino Physics : Evidence on neutrino masses and oscillations from neutrinos generated by the sun, cosmic rays, and laboratory collisions.
- Astrophysics : CP violation and the creation of baryons; Very high energy phenomena in the universe; Cosmology and the geometry of the universe.
The scientific program will consist mainly of reviews and invited talks. Parallel sessions will also be organized.

IV. International Advisory Committee

M. Aguilar Benitez (Madrid), J. J. Aubert (Paris), R. Barbieri (Pise), Chen He-Sheng (Beijing), Chia Swee Ping (Kualalumpur), Chung Bok Keun (Seoul), J. Cronin (Chicago), M. Danilov (Moscow), C. Détraz (Cern), J. Dorfan (Stanford), J. Feltesse (Saclay), T. Ferbel (Rochester), J. Friedman (Cambridge, USA), S. Glashow (Cambridge, USA), C. Jarlskog (Lund), L. Lederman (Chicago), Lee Shih-Chang (Taipeh), L. Maiani (CERN), Nguyen van Hieu (Hanoi), L. Okun (Moscow), R. Peccei (Los Angeles), N. Ramsey (Cambridge, USA), G. Ross (Oxford), V. Rubakov (Moscow), A. Santoro (Rio de Janeiro), M. Shochet (Chicago), J. Silk (Oxford), V. Singh (Bombay), A. Skrinsky (Novosibirsk), M. Spiro (Saclay), J. Steinberger (Geneva), H. Sugawara (Tsukuba), S. Tovey (Melbourne), A. Wagner (Hamburg), A. Watson (Leeds), M. Witherell (Chicago), Y. Yamaguchi (Tokyo) and Yang Chen Ning (Stony Brook)

V. Scientific Program Committee

Ahmed Ali (Hamburg), Etienne Augé (Orsay), Patrick Aurenche (Annecy), Giorgio Belletini (Pisa), Edmond Berger (Argonne), Alain Blondel (Geneva), Murat Boratav (Paris), Fawzi Boudjema (Annecy), Ludwik Celnikier (Meudon), Gabriel Chardin (Saclay), Dam Thanh Son (New York), Arnon Dar (Haifa), Jacques Dumarchez (Paris), Pierre Fayet (Paris), Jean-Marie Frère (Brussels), Henry Frisch (Chicago), Yannick Giraud Héraud (Paris), Boaz Klima (Chicago), Alan Martin (Durham), Guido Martinelli (Rome), François Montanet (Marseille), Lucien Montanet (CERN), Nguyen Khac Ung (Palaiseau), Olivier Pène (Orsay), Serguei Petcov (Trieste), Pham Xuan Yem (Paris), Bolek Pietrzyk (Annecy), Davison Soper (Eugene), Tan Chung I (Providence),Tran Minh Tam (Lausanne), Jean Trân Thanh Vân (Orsay)

VI. Local Committee

Nguyen van Hieu (NCST, Hanoi), Chairman, Tran Huu Phat (Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission, Hanoi), Nguyen Ai Viet (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Nguyen Anh Ky (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Nguyen Mong Giao (NCST, Ho Chi Minh city), Hoang Ngoc Long (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Vo Van Thuan (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Hanoi), Trinh Quang Khuynh (NCST, Hanoi), Nguyen Gia Lap (NCST, Hanoi)

VII. Sponsors

The conference is sponsored by :
- the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France
- the French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, France
- the French Atomic Energy Commission, Paris, France
- the National Center for Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
- the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul, Korea
- the Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
- the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics,Trieste, Italy

VIII. Scientific organization

The conference is organized by :
- the Rencontres du Vietnam
- the National Center for Science and Technology of Vietnam

1. Scientific program:

The scientific program will consist mainly of reviews and invited talks.
The preliminary program is as follows :
Special meetings devoted to discuss specific collaborations and exchanges between Vietnamese and Western institutions are planned, and visits to university and research centers in Hanoi may be organized.

2. Contributions:

Eight parallel sessions will be organized. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you would like to present a contribution and send us the appropriate form (contribution form).
This information should be sent before April 15, 2000 to
Dr. Pham Xuan Yem:
e-mail : pham@lpthe.jussieu.fr
Fax : (33) 1 44 27 70 88
Postal address :
Université Paris VI, LPTHE,
Tour 16,
4 Place Jussieu,
F-75252 Paris Cédex 05.

This will allow the program committee to make a selection. In the spirit of the Rencontres du Vietnam, a large amount of time will be reserved for both organized and spontaneous discussions. Please remember that we make a special effort to bring together experimentalists and theorists; theoretical talks should target experimentalists and vice versa.

3. Conference schedule:

Registration will start on Wednesday July 19 in the afternoon. The opening session is scheduled to take place on Thursday July 20 at 8:30 and the conference will end on Tuesday July 25, at 12:00.
Session hours are : 8:30 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 17:00

4. Conference facilities:

The following equipment will be available : a slide projector for 5cm x 5cm slides and an overhead projector.

5. Preprints - Transparencies:

We will have a reading room where preprints can be exhibited. Please bring a copy of your talk and some of your recent papers for display.

6. Proceedings:

The papers presented at the conference will be published. Participants will receive a copy of the proceedings .

IX. Practical organization

Please return the registration form as soon as possible. Since the conference will be held during the tourist season and hotel rooms are quite limited during that period, room reservation can only be guaranteed if your registration form has reached the conference secretariat by April 30th, 2000.

1. Conference Fee

The conference fee for participants will be 300 US$. It will cover the cost of the copy of the proceedings and the cost of all social events.

The payment can be made:

2. Accommodation

In order to enhance interactions and exhanges between participants, most participants will be accommodated in hotels close to the conference center and their meals (lunch and dinner) will be taken together at the conference center.

The cost per person (full board for 6 days) will amount to: 300 US $ for a double room, 420 US $ for a single room. All rooms are air conditioned and have either a shower or a bath. The hotel bill shall be paid directly to the travel agency in Vietnam. Credit card payment, for the hotel accommodation, will be accepted.

Important note : Hotel reservations are made for the whole duration of the meeting, i.e. from Wednesday July 19 afternoon to Tuesday July 25 morning (lunch included). Please note that the total cost of the meeting will not be reduced even in case of partial attendance.

We anticipate that some limited accommodation funds will be available for young scientists from developing countries and from Eastern European countries. Please send your funding application together with a resume and a letter of recommendation to
J. Trân Thanh Vân,
e-mail : Jean.Tran-Thanh-Van@th.u-psud.fr
Postal address:
Rencontres du Vietnam,
Université de Paris Sud, Bâtiment 210,
91405 Orsay cédex, France.

3. Travel

The international airport of Hanoi is Noi Bai. Participants are expected to arrive on Wednesday July 19. A member of the local committee will meet you on arrival at the airport. Specialized travel agencies for Vietnam offer the following range of prices for return flights to Hanoi.
- Paris-Hanoi-Paris or Paris-Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City-Paris : from FF 5000 to FF 7000
- USA-Hanoi-USA : from US$ 900 to US$ 1400
Important note : Flights to Asia are very crowded at the time of the conference. Please contact your travel agency immediately for reservations.

4. Immigration

A visa is required to visit Vietnam. Please send us as soon as possible the information sheet for a visa application. It will allow the local committee to take care of your visa application and send you a personal letter allowing you to obtain a visa at the Diplomatic Representation of Vietnam in your country.

X. Pre or Post-conference tours

If you are interested in participating in the post-conference tours, please inform us as soon as possible. In this case, please send us your wishes about the conference tours (what you would like to visit) and we will transmit them to the travel agency for a better planning.
Some of these tours can also be organized as pre-conference tours if enough persons are interested.
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