Important dates, fees and prices

Important dates

  • Registration opens on November 1st, 2016
  • Deadline for registration and hotel reservation: April 30th, 2017
  • Deadline for abstract submission: April 5th, 2017

Conference fee
The conference fee amounts to 370 Euros for participants and to 150 Euros for accompnying persons.
It covers:
  • the conference banquet
  • Excursion tour (probably to Chateau de Chenonceau and to Clos Lucé - the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci -
  • a guided tour of the Blois Chateau itself
  • a copy of the conference proceedings (for participants)

Payment can be made online, by bank transfer or on site. please see this page for details.

In order to enhance the interaction and exchange between participants, all participants are requested to have lunch and dinner together. The conference has arranged with a caterer to serve lunch and dinner in the Château Royal de Blois.

For participants, the package cost for 5 days will be 300 euros and should be paid to the caterer upon arrival at the conference site; since this is a specially negotiated "package deal" for the conference, it cannot be reduced for partial attendance

For accompanying persons, there are two possibilities only (in either case, payment should be made to the caterer upon arrival at the conference site):
  • either: lunch and dinner at the castle, with the participants - the package cost for 5 days will be 300 euros
  • or: just dinner at the castle - after some negotiation, the caterer has agreed that accompanying persons (only) need not return to the castle for lunch; in this case the package cost for 4 dinners will be 150 euros (note that the conference banquet is covered by the registration fee).