Scientific Program

The scientific program is currently under construction: it will then be detailed on indico
with the plenary sessions and will be updated in late April with the parallel sessions
Below is the list of topics but the program is still open for new contributions.
  • Direct and indirect searches
  • BSM physics and DM candidates
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • DM searches at LHC
  • Future detectors
Confirmed plenary speakers include:
Diego Blas, Philippe Brax, Gabriel Chardin, Christos Charmousis, Andreu Font-Ribera, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Camilo Garcia-Cely, Stefano Gariazzo, Yoann Genolini, Ed Hardy, Ziqing Hong, Joerg Jaeckel, Yonathan Kahn, Axel Lindner, David Nichols, Bjorn Penning, Vivian Poulin, Sébastien Renaux-Pétel, Nicholas Rodd, Keir Rogers, Pearl Sandick, Qaisar Shafi, Marcelle Soares-Santos, Jessica Turner, Aaron Vincent, Tomer Volansky, Yvonne Wong, Laura Zani,
and Robert Brandenberger for the summary talk.