16th - 22nd June 2002

Château de Blois (France)


 The XIVth Rencontres de Blois, entitled "Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry", will be held at the Château Royal de Blois, France, from Sunday, June 16th, to Saturday, June 22nd, 2002. The picturesque old French town of Blois, famous for its XIV-XVIIth century château, is located 170 km (100 miles) from Paris, in the beautiful region of the "Châteaux de la Loire".

 The Conference is devoted to a multidisciplinary study of matter-antimatter asymmetry and, in particular, from the point of view of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. A number of topics, such as the practical applications of antimatter in medical imaging, of particular interest to non-specialists, will also be briefly covered.

 More than thirty years after the discovery of CP violation in the kaon system, precision experiments with kaons at CERN and Fermilab have demonstrated the existence of direct CP violation, opening a window on a hitherto poorly explored part of particle physics.

 On the one hand, two experiments devoted mainly to CP violation in B mesons, BABAR and Belle, are beginning to test CP violation in the Standard Model in a decisive way.

 On the other hand, balloon experiments and the space-based AMS project are circumscribing precise limits on the cosmological abundance of antimatter.

 Finally, the fundamental problem of cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry at a Grand Unification scale or at the Electroweak phase transition has been the object of intense theoretical activity in recent years.

 The conference will consist of plenary sessions for invited talks and parallel sessions for relatively short contributed papers. Posters are also welcomed.

 The subjects covered in the plenary sessions will include:

- Antimatter in the Universe, astronomical and astrophysical constraints, space-based searches, primordial vs. recent antimatter;
- CP violation in particle physics, direct CP violation and rare decays in the K system and critical tests of CP violation in B physics;
- Cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry, present status of cosmological models, sources of baryon/lepton number violation, out-of-equilibrium situations;
- Antimatter experiments and tests of CPT;
- Experimental and observational prospects, up-coming B physics experiments, dipole moment experiments;
- CP violation in neutrino physics, up-coming measurements of cosmological parameters and of extraterrestrial antimatter abundance.

Four parallel sessions are also foreseen, covering the following topics:

- CP, T and CPT violation;
- CP violation in B mesons;
- Cosmology, baryogenesis and extraterrestrial antimatter;
- Extended models (supersymmetry, Higgs, extra dimensions).

 Details of the scientific program will be made available on the conference web pages as they become available.

Participants wishing to present their work orally in a parallel session should refer to the conference abstract submission form . Please use this form so that we can program the parallel sessions efficiently, since the time available for parallel sessions is very limited; you should indicate the expected duration of your contribution, but please be aware that you may be required to shorten it.

 Participants wishing to make a poster contribution should also fill in the electronic abstract submission form .


The conference will consist of plenary sessions for invited talks, some parallel sessions for relatively short contributed papers and posters. There will be a coffee break in the middle of the morning and afternoon, lunch and dinner will be served at the Château. The program is as follows: named speakers have confirmed their participation and the titles of their contributions, of course however there may still be unforeseen last minute changes.

Sunday, June 16

Arrival in Blois, final registration.

Monday, June 17

9h00-9h30 Welcome  

Cofee and Refreshment  

Keynote lectures. Paolo Franzini

Antimatter in the Universe. Maxim Khlopov


Antimatter in the Universe  Flavio Costantini

Guided tour of the Château de Blois   


Tuesday, June 18

9h00-12h30: CP violation. Chairperson

-- CP Violation in K and B Meson Decays, Introduction - K. Schubert (Dresden)
-- Direct CP violation experiments - B. Peyaud (Saclay)
-- Theoretical interpretation of E'/E - G. Martinelli (Roma I)
-- Measurements of K -> pi nu nubar decays: results and prospects - D. Bryman (UBC, Vancouver)
-- Projects on CP violation in kaons - J. Lee-Franzini (Frascati)
-- Theory on rare kaon decays - E. de Rafael (Marseille)

14h00-14h30: Use of antimatter to functional investigation of the brain : positron emission tomography- A. Syrota (Orsay)

14h45-18h15: CP violation in B mesons. Chairperson

-- The Belle experiment -Y. Teramoto (Osaka)
-- The BABAR experiment - M. Giorgi (Pisa)
-- Unitarity Triangle: 2002 - A. Buras (Munchen)
-- Alpha,gamma and beyond - A. Soni (BNL)
--CP and Flavour Beyond the StandardModel) S. A. Abel (Durham)

17h00: General public conference (in french) - A. Syrota (CEA)

Wednesday, June 19

8:00-12h30 - excursion, to Château de Chenonceau and/or Clos Lucé

14h00-18h30: Parallel Sessions PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 .

-- PS1: CP, T and CPT violations in kaons- Conv. Ed Blucher, Marc Knecht and Renaud Le Gac.
-- PS2: CP violation in B mesons - Conv. Gérard Bonneaud, Luis Oliver and Yoshi Sakai.
-- PS3: Cosmology, baryogenesis and search for extraterrestrial antimatter - Conv. Gabriel Chardin and Guido Barbiellini.
-- PS4: Extended models - Conv. Jean-Marie Frère and Ignatios Antoniadis.

Evening - General public conference (in french) -- H. Reeves

Thursday, June 20

9h00-12h: Baryon Number in the Universe. Chairperson

-- Cosmological parameters (results from CMB, SN, Boomerang, etc) - A. Melchiorri (Oxford)
-- Electroweak baryon number violation - F.R. Klinkhamer (Karlsruhe)
-- Leptogenesis scenarios- Z. Berezhiani (Gran Sasso and Aquila)
-- Beyond the SM and the SS model: speculations on baryogenesis - G. Dvali (New York)

14h00-17h30: Antimatter in the Lab. Chairperson

-- The ATRAP experiment - G. Gabrielse (Harvard)
-- The ATHENA experiment - M. Doser (CERN)
--High precision laser spectroscopy of antiprotinic helium atomst - E. Widmann (Tokyo U)
-- Investigating Lorentz and CPT symmetry with antihydrogen - N. Russel (Michigan)

Evening: conference banquet

Friday, June 21

9h00-12h30: CPT and T Symmetries. Chairperson

-- C, P and CP are broken. Why not CPT? - L. Okun (Moscow)
-- Experimental results on T and CPT - E. Aslanides (Marseille)
-- The strong CP problem - P. Sikivie (Florida)
-- Electric dipole moment: theory and experiments - E. Hinds (Sussex)
-- CPT Breaking by Neutrinos -B.Kayser (Fermilab)

14h00-17h30: Future. Chairperson

-- CP violation at hadron colliders - D. Bortoletto (Purdue)
-- Neutron-antineutron oscillations - Y. Kamyshkov (Oak Ridge)
-- CP Violation in high intensity kaon beam experiments - R. Tschirhart (Chicago)
-- CP violation in neutrino-less double beta decay - S. Petcov (Trieste)
-- CP violation in leptonic sector - P. Hernandez (CERN)
-- CP violation at neutrino factories - A. Blondel (Geneva)

Saturday, June 22

9h00-11h30: Summaries. Chairperson

-- Thoughts on CP violation: experiments - T. Nakada (CERN, Lausanne)
-- Thoughts on CP violation: theory - R. Peccei (UCLA)
-- Thoughts on the antimatter deficit - R. Kolb (Chicago and CERN)

Afternoon: Departure

Poster contributions will be posted up at the beginning of the conference, and will stay up for the entire duration of the meeting; there is no poster session as such and participants will be free to consult the posters whenever they wish.


Wednesday, June 19

14h00-18h30: Parallel Sessions PS1: CP, T and CPT violations in kaons-
Conv. Ed Blucher, Marc Knecht and Renaud Le Gac.

-- Theoretical estimation of e'/e

-- experimental results

-- Experimental prospect

14h00-18h30: Parallel Sessions PS2: PS2: CP violation in B mesons -

Conv. Gérard Bonneaud, Luis Oliver and Yoshi Sakai.

-- Belle's contribution

-- BABAR's contribution

-- Theoretical contributions

14h00-18h30: Parallel Sessions PS3: Cosmology, baryogenesis and search for extraterrestrial antimatter

Conv. Gabriel Chardin and Guido Barbiellini.

Program ( by alphabetical order)

14h00-18h30: Parallel Sessions PS4: Extended models

Conv. Jean-Marie Frère and Ignatios Antoniadis.


Daniela Kirilova
Possibility of natural and abundant creation of antimatter in the Universe in a non-GUT baryogenesis model

Daniel Goldin, Cibran Santamarina Rios
DIRAC PS-212. An experiment to measure pionium lifetime.



Mardi 18 juin

17h00: Les méthodes d'imagegie du cerveau (en Français) - André Syrota (CEA)

Lieu : Ecole d'ingénieur du Val de Loire - 6-8, Rue Anne de Bretagne-41000 Blois
Tél : 02 54 57 25 20 -- Fax : 02 54 57 25 21

Mercredi 19 juin

20h30 : L'avenir de la Terre -- Hubert Reeves

Lieu : La Halle aux grains - , pl. de la République 41005 Blois
Tél : Fax :

Résumé : "Partant de l'observation de l'augmentation de la température de l'atmosphère constatée depuis quelques décénies et projetant sur le futur je tenterai de décrire les différents scénarios prévisibles selon les températures maximales atteintes et l'avenir de la vie dans chaque scénario." H. Reeves

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