The 20th anniversary of the Blois Workshops

Bulletin n°1


What we learnt from HERA?
What we learnt from RHIC?
Elastic and diffractive scattering at LHC - experiment and theory
Elastic and diffractive physics at the new machines other than LHC
Forward physics from astrophysics
Forward physics at ILC
Nonperturbative approaches to high-energy scattering
The dipole model
New theoretical results in diffractive scattering
Inelastic diffraction
QCD and low-x physics
Small-x evolution
Small-x QCD behaviour and renormalisation group improvements
The gluon reggeisation in QCD
Hard diffraction in QCD
Diffractive Higgs studies
Pomeron and Odderon in QCD
The Odderon as an important experimental test of QCD
Jet quenching
Heavy ions
Diffractive deep inelastic scattering
Hard diffraction experimental results
Nuclear shadowing and antishadowing
Colour transparency
Spin effects, single spin asymmetries, pp-pp polarization
Color Glass Condensate approach
Double charm hadrons
Tetraquarks and pentaquarks
String theory and hard elastic scarttering
String theory and high energy scattering
QCD/String duality
Regge physics in gauge/string duality
Lattice theory results
Instanton effects in low-x physics