IVth Rencontres du Vietnam

Physics at Extreme Energies
(Particle Physics and Astrophysics)

Hanoi (July 19-25, 2000)

Sous le haut patronage de Monsieur Jacques Chirac, Président de la République Française

Présentation Générale(in french)


Main Topics of the Conference


the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France
the French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, France
the French Atomic Energy Commission, Paris, France
the National Center for Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul, Korea
the Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

The conference is an External Activity of the APCTP

International Advisory Committee :

M. Aguilar Benitez (Madrid), J. J. Aubert (Marseille), R. Barbieri (Pise), Chen He-Sheng (Beijing), Chia Swee Ping (Kualalumpur), Chung Bok Keun (Seoul), J. Cronin (Chicago), M. Danilov (Moscow), C. Détraz (Cern), J. Dorfan (Stanford), J. Feltesse (Saclay), T. Ferbel (Rochester), J. Friedman (Cambridge, USA), S. Glashow (Cambridge, USA), C. Jarlskog (Lund), L. Lederman (Chicago), Lee Shih-Chang (Taipeh), L. Maiani (CERN), Nguyen van Hieu (Hanoi), L. Okun (Moscow), R. Peccei (Los Angeles), N. Ramsey (Cambridge, USA), G. Ross (Oxford), V. Rubakov (Moscow), A. Santoro (Rio de Janeiro), M. Shochet (Chicago), J. Silk (Oxford), V. Singh (Bombay), A. Skrinsky (Novosibirsk), M. Spiro (Saclay), J. Steinberger (Geneva), H. Sugawara (Tsukuba), S. Tovey (Melbourne), A. Wagner (Hamburg), A. Watson (Leeds), M. Witherell (Chicago), Y. Yamaguchi (Tokyo) and Yang Chen Ning (Stony Brook)

Agenda of the Scientific Program


transparencies have been scanned and are available.


The deadline for sending the manuscripts is: October 1st, 2000
The speakers have to use the following 2 files to prepare the written version of their talk under Latex: moriond.tex (containing the publisher's instruction: it can be used as a template), and moriond.sty (the style file).
The contributions (Latex file and postscript file) are to be sent by e-mail to
and a paper copy should be sent to
Hélène Mauger, CERN, 1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland.

Scientific Program Committee :

A. Ali (Hamburg), Etienne Augé (Orsay), Patrick Aurenche (Annecy),, Giorgio Belletini (Pisa), Edmond Berger (Argonne), Alain Blondel (Geneva), Murat Boratav (Paris), Fawzi Boudjema (Annecy), Ludwik Celnikier (Meudon), Gabriel Chardin (Saclay), Dam Thanh Son (New York), Arnon Dar (Haifa), J. Dumarchez (Paris), Pierre Fayet (Paris), Jean-Marie Frère (Brussels), Henry Frisch (Chicago),Y. Giraud-Héraud (Paris), Boaz Klima (Chicago), Alan Martin (Durham), Guido Martinelli (Rome), François Montanet (Marseille), Lucien Montanet (CERN), Nguyen Khac Ung (Palaiseau), Olivier Pène (Orsay), Serguei Petcov (Trieste), Pham Xuan Yem (Paris), Bolek Pietrzyk (Annecy),Davison Soper (Eugene), Tan Chung I (Providence),Tran Minh Tam (Lausanne),J. Trân Thanh Vân (Orsay).

Local Committee :

Nguyen van Hieu (NCST, Hanoi), Chairman, Tran Huu Phat (Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission, Hanoi), Nguyen Ai Viet (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Nguyen Anh Ky (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Nguyen Mong Giao (NCST, Ho Chi Minh city), Hoang Ngoc Long (Institute of Physics, Hanoi), Vo Van Thuan (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Hanoi), Trinh Quang Khuynh (NCST, Hanoi), Nguyen Gia Lap (NCST, Hanoi)

You can find more details in the Bulletin Nº 1

Bulletin Nº 2 This is the last bulletin before you arrive in HANOI.
It is important that all participants read all these informations before coming to HANOI

Paper/Fax Registration Form

Funding application

Contribution form

Visa application

Travel :

Addresses of a few travel agencies in France that have made quite reasonable offers for air tickets.

new iconConference Tours : (Application)

The tours are designed such that people can have combinations of tours i.e :
Tour 1A and Tour 1B
Tour 1 and Tour 2
Tour 1 and Tour 3
Tours 2 and 3 will only leave once those participating to Tour 1 join them.




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