Parallel session: Transparencies and Proceedings
Wednesday, June 19

PS1: CP, T and CPT Violation

The KteV measurement of e'/e E. Turner slide
Penguins at large Nc and CP Violation S. Peris slide
Matching the EW penguins Q7 and Q8 J. Prades slide
Final NA48 Measurement of Re(e'/e) C. Lazzeroni slide
e'/e in the standard model I. Scimemi slide

Dispersive treatement of K to pi pi M. Buechler slide
Results on Rare KL Decays from KTeV M. Arenton slide
Kaon Rare Decay Results from NA48 R. Batley slide
The semileptonique Charge Asymmetry and CPT Test from KTeV B. Tschirhart slide
A Search for CP Violation in Hyperon Decays by the HyperCP Experiment at Fermilab T. Holmstrom slide
A Precision measurment of charged kaon decay parameters G. Collazuol slide

PS2: CP violation in B mesons

CPV in charmless hadronic decays of B mesons P. Yeh slide
Study of sin(2alpha) measurement D. Kirkby slide
Extracting alpha from charmless B decays: status and perspectives J. Charles slide
Extracting Vcb and Vub - The Challenge for Heavy Quark Therory N. Uraltsev

Study of D*D* J. Albert slide

Study on sin(2pi1+ph3) measurement S. Schrenk slide
Determination of strong and weak phases in Bd -> D*+-D*-+ and Bs ->D*+-sD*+-s decays Z.Z. Xing slide
CPV in DK decays of B Mesons T. Matsumoto slide
Measuring the Weak Phase gamma in Color Allowed B+- -> D0 K+- pi0 decays T. Petersen

Direct CPV and radiative penguins H. Band slide

Exclusive non-leptonic decays of D particles F. Buccella slide
B-Bbar Mixing beyond Vacuum Saturation D. Melikhov slide
Direct CP asymmetry in exclusive charmless B decays and the pQCD approach E. Kou slide
Measurement of cos(2beta) with B0 to J/psi K*0, s-quark helicity conservation and CKM matrix S.T'Jampens slide

PS3: Cosmology, baryogenesis and search for extraterrestrial antimatter

Antimatter from primordiale black holes A. Barrau slide
Agile and Glast gamma-ray detection for exotic matter research A. Morselli slide
Cosmology, baryogenesis and search for extraterrestral matter M. Khlopov slide
Antimatter in Cosmic rays: the Dark matter - cosmic ray connection F. Donato slide
Baryon-dominated universe with macroscopically large antimatter regions A. Sakharov slide
Antimatter search with L3 using the obscuration of proton by the moon (L3-Cosmics) J.F. Parriaud slide
A Seesaw-invariant texture of lepton Mass Matrices for Leptogenesis and Neutrino Oscillations Z. Xing slide

PS4: Extended models

Search for New Physics in B-Factories G. Branco slide
Fermion masses and mixing with thick branes M. Rebelo slide
CP violation from Dimensional Reduction N. Cosme slide
CP violation from 6D Dirac algebra D. Dooling slide
Pure Phase mass Matrix from six Dimensions P.Q. Hung slide


Vast antimatter regions and SUSY-condensate baryogenesis D. Kirilova poster