Plenary session: Transparencies and Proceedings
Monday, June 17

Keynote lecture

Cosmic antimatter F.W. Stecker slide
Cosmological matter-antimatter asymmettry A.D. Dolgov slide
CP violation: an historical review L. Wolfenstein slide

Antimatter in the Universe

Constraints on antimatter in the Universe from observations J. Paul slide
Antimatter production near a Black Hole Horizon L. Titarchuk slide
The AMS experiment M. Pohl slide
The BESS results and prospects M. Nozaki slide
Antimatter measurements with the HEAT ballon experiment S. Coutu slide
The balloon experiements and the PAMELLA project M. Simon slide
The production of antimatter in our galactic backyard J. Orloff slide

Tuesday, June 18

CP violation

CP Violation in K and B Meson Decays, Introduction K. Schubert slide
Direct CP violation experiements B. Peyaud

Theoretical interpretation of e'/e G. Martinelli slide
Measurements of K -> pi nu nubardecays: results and prospects D. Bryman slide
Project on CP violation in kaons J. Lee Franzini slide
Theory on rare kaon decays E. de Rafael slide

Use of antimatter to functional investigation of the brain: positron emission tomography A. Syrota slide

CP violation in B mesons

The Belle experiment Y. Teramoto slide

The BaBar experiment M. Giorgi slide

Unitarity Triangle: 2002 A. Buras slide

Compilation of sin D K. Kleinknecht slide

Alpha, gamma and beyond A. Soni slide

CP and Flavour Beyond the Standard Model S.A. Abel slide

Thursday, June 20

Barion Number in the Universe

Cosmological parameters (results from CMB, SN, Boomerang,...) A. Melchiorri

Electroweak baryon number violation F.R. Klinkhamer slide
Baryogenesis through leptogenesis: possible scenarii Z. Berezhiani slide
Test of Leptogenesis at Low Energy T. Hambye slide
Beyond the SM ans SS model: speculations on baryogenesis G. Dvali slide

Antimatter in the Lab

The ATRAP experiment G. Gabrielse

The ATHENA experiment M. Doser slide
High precision laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium atoms E. Widmann slide
Investigating Lorentz and CPT symmetry with antihydrogen N. Russel slide

Friday, June 21

CPT and T Symmetries

C, P and CP are broken. Why not CPT? L. Okun slide
Experimental results on T and CPT E. Aslanides slide
The strong CP problem P. Sikivie slide
Electric dipole moment: theory and experiments E. Hinds slide
CPT breaking by Neutrinos B. Kayser slide


CP violation at hadron colliders D. Bortoletto slide
Neutron-antineutron oscillations Y. Kamyshkov slide
CP violation in high intensity kaon beam experiments R. Tschirhart slide
CP violation in neutrino-less double beta decays S. Petcov slide
CP violation in leptonic sector P. Hernandez slide
CP violation at neutrino factories A. Blondel slide

Saturday, June 22


Thoughts on CP violation: experiments T. Nakada slide
Thoughts on CP violation: theory R. Peccei slide
Thoughts on the antimatter deficit R. Kolb slide